Sinophia Burning

The campaign takes places on the Imperial world of Sinophia. Sinophia was once a prosperous world with great hopes for becoming the sector capital, when in the Angevin Crusade Sinophia was used as a main support base to conquer other parts of the Calixian Sector. But the hopes were failed. Decadent and corrupt nobles exploited the worlds resources for their own benefit. The focus of the Empire shifted to other places and Sinophia was left on its own.

Sinophia never grew into a proper world spanning hive world but shows some similarity. The big cities like Sinophia Magna were founded to house millions of peoples. But the life conditions were so harsh that many looked for a fortune in a more promising colony world and left Sinophia.

Between the cities are exploited landscapes where few plants or animals can live. The sky is darkened by fog and smoke of the former industries. The buildings in the cities are blackened by the smog. The only light comes from the artificial illumination in the streets. Many structures originate from the times of the Angevin Crusade and look old and used.

The people who stayed here have accepted their fates. The people of Sinophia are paranoid and degenerated. Nearly everyone wears masks to conceal their identities. The nobles use identically dressed bodyguard who speak and move synchronously with them such that no one can tell who is who. Mistrust rules everyday life.

Sinophia pays its tithe to the Empire in Imperial Guard regiments. Criminals use the given secrecy and lax law inforcement to further their causes. The income of Sinophia’s noble houses comes from trade taxes and some remaining industries.

Sinophia Burning